The healthcare industry should work for patients

But it doesn’t. In their time of need, patients call down outdated insurance directories. Then wait on hold. Then wait weeks for the privilege of a visit. Then wait in a room solely designed for waiting. Then wait for a surprise bill.

In any other industry, the companies delivering such a poor customer experience would not survive. But in healthcare, patients lack market power. Which means they are expected to accept the unacceptable.


We hold the conviction that patients should receive superior care.

We assist countless individuals in locating and scheduling appointments with healthcare professionals suited to their needs. Through Labtani, they have the option to select providers within their insurance network, those with top ratings, those with specific expertise, those in close proximity, those available for early appointments, those offering virtual consultations, or a combination of these factors.

We also support doctors in their primary role.

Doctors didn't endure the challenges of their residency to become online marketers. Labtani assists doctors in effortlessly connecting with the patients they aim to care for, facilitating the growth of their practice. This ensures that doctors can focus on being doctors, while patients can concentrate on their health.


We're constructing a central hub for healthcare.

A location where diverse patients can access all kinds of care. An environment where they can view detailed listings of care providers and treatment avenues, complete with information on cost and quality. A space where they can select from a marketplace that vies for their attention. A spot where patients can maintain and review their complete medical records. A setting where they can engage with their medical team of physicians and nurses.

We're committed to ensuring patients receive the healthcare experience they rightfully anticipate and deserve.

A hub where all patients can discover every kind of care. A venue where they can explore extensive listings of providers and treatment alternatives, inclusive of cost and quality details. A platform where they can select from a competitive marketplace eager to assist them. A site where individuals can store and view their comprehensive medical records. A locale where they can communicate with their medical team, including doctors and nurses.